Courses offered

  • The Bachelor of Science (BSc) Honours with specialisations in Biotechnology, Applied Biotechnology, Applied Chemistry and Applied Physics is a one-year postgraduate designed as a continuation of the undergraduate BSc (major and minor). It aims at consolidating and deepening the knowledge and expertise in applied natural science disciplines and to develop student’s capacity to conduct supervised research of an applied nature. 

  • The Bachelor of Science is a single major degree programme, requiring students to minor in a second subject/cognate area, that aims at providing students with a coherent and systematic introduction to the broad knowledge, theories, principles, concepts and problem-solving techniques in the sub-field of natural sciences. The programme will enable students to acquire cognitive, problem-solving and key transferable skills necessary for addressing a wide range of pressing challenges in relation to Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) in the current Namibian market and economy. This science degree provides a platform for developing scientific literacy and for building-up essential scientific knowledge and skills for lifelong learning in STEM. Additionally, the programme is designed to enable students to apply knowledge of the natural sciences to real life situations and appreciate the relationship between science and other disciplines. The programme structure facilitates exposure of students to a variety of disciplines, at least initially, but ultimately requiring specialisation in the final year in a major complemented by a component of Work Integrated Learning (WIL).

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