Health Information Systems and Management Programme

The Health Information Systems and Management programme demands a high level of theoretical and practical engagement, intellectual independence and aims to foster deepened, comprehensive and systematic expertise in the major cognate area of learning. Graduates from health information systems management will be equipped with cognitive and intellectual skills and key transferable professional skills obtained during their substantial work integrated learning. The programme formulates a career both in the clinical and business sides of health care, with a prominence on Health care management, health data analysis, medical coding, health information ethics and law.

The programme will also enable them to practice within the HIS scope of practice,  participate in the implementation of the core package of health information in the delivery of health information & Handling the health care data in compliance with various standards  as determined by the Ministry of Health and Social Services and other international entities. Graduates will also be able to function as members of multi-disciplinary and multi-sectorial teams. 

On successful completion of the undergraduate degree in Health Information Systems Management graduates may be able to find employment in the public and private health sectors, municipalities, research institutions; Third Party Administrators, Health insurances other health related institutions, as well as teaching/training institutions. Similarly, the postgraduate diploma graduates will be able to use the combination of disease coding and health information technology to benefit the health services industry.

The programme has been endorsed by the Programme Advisory Committee, while academic peers have been consulted for purposes of international benchmarking.


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